The Airport Economy prospers with APN Outdoor’s latest Headline Series in market this week

News Release 20th August 2015

SYDNEY: APN Outdoor, has today announced the latest instalment of The Headline Series, with 2015’s focus on Airports. The Headline Series is a collection of presentations, that research and showcase insights into audiences, and the opportunities Outdoor provides to engage them. Previous instalments in the series have included, FMCG and Gen Y in 2013 and Digital Billboards and Luxury last year.

This latest Headline Series, known as The Airport Economy, tethers back to APN Outdoor’s seminal research piece The Attention Economy, and investigates passengers and other visitors, travelling in and around various Airports. APN Outdoor have again engaged Millward Brown, a leading global research provider as partner on this project, as with The Attention Economy last year.

With a specific focus on profiling the airport audience, taking into account their intentions and purpose for travelling, this study analyses and investigates the behavioural attributes of the entire airport experience. As well as this, the study looks into the subsequent mood and mind states associated with each stage of the journey, and examines the noticeability, propensity to interact and category suitability of advertising in this space. The study also looks into advertising recall and overall audience perception, across advertising formats within the Airport.

With 51% of the audience agreeing that they have more time to engage with advertising in the airport than other environments and 44% agreeing that airport advertising is suitable for a range of brands, the study reaffirms the airport space as conducive to a wide variety of advertisers and audiences. The study established that airport advertising reaches a broad cross section of the community, with particular success reaching high income families and dual income households and that advertising in this environment infers a premium status, particularly heightened when using digital assets.

Richard Herring, CEO, APN Outdoor commented on the study “The Headline Series returns for the third year running with a focus on Airports. This study reinforces our leadership in both the research and airport space and promotes the wealth of advertising opportunities that exist in and around airport precincts. Air travel is increasing with 34% of people travelling more than they were a year ago, accordingly there is an opportunity to reach bigger audience more frequently. It’s a great time to be leaders in this space.”

The study comes at a great time for the outdoor leaders who have recently unveiled their extensive plans as part of the Sydney Airport redevelopment. As well as Sydney’s T1 International and T2 Domestic terminals, APN Outdoor also hold advertising rights in Brisbane, Canberra and Perth Airports in Australia and Christchurch and Auckland International Airport in New Zealand.


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