APN Outdoor sees strong advertiser support at Auckland Airport

News Release 7th May 2015

AUCKLAND:  Leading Outdoor media provider, APN Outdoor, continues to take airport media to new heights with a wide range of new advertisers getting on board at Auckland Airport. This development follows an extensive 12 month, multi-million dollar overhaul of internal and external media assets at the airport, which was carried out by APN Outdoor in 2014.

With a major focus on digital, APN Outdoor launched two of New Zealand’s largest Elite Screens as part of the refurbishment including ‘Apollo’ a premium curved digital screen measuring 19.85 x 4.75m and a 43m2 Tower Portrait. During the upgrades, both the domestic and international terminals were also equipped with massive 10 x 2m integrated digital walls with full motion capability and Flight Information Display (FID) screens that are by design positioned to capture the attention of all airport visitors.

Figure 1: APN Outdoor’s giant Tower Spectacular at Auckland Airport.

All redevelopments at the airport were carried out using the latest in LED technology to provide advertisers with the highest quality screen resolution.

In an indication that the market has a big appetite for the changing nature of airport media, General Manager at APN Outdoor, Phil Clemas, said that the company’s range of airport advertisers had more than quadrupled in the first three months since completing the media refurbishments.

“Through our significant investments at both Auckland and Christchurch airports, APN Outdoor is changing the face of airport media. With a lucrative audience in a unique and receptive mindset – combined with high dwell times of 1 hour and 26 minutes in the International Terminal – the airport has always been a premium environment. Having utilised the most advanced technology in the world in our redevelopment programme, we now have the highest quality advertising assets to match,” Clemas said.

As the gateway to New Zealand, 74% of all international arrivals enter via Auckland Airport making it a prime target for high-value audiences. Additionally, when combining Christchurch and Auckland airports, APN Outdoor advertisers can reach 89% of all international travellers in New Zealand.

“It is clear that airport media is entering a new era and APN Outdoor is passionate about driving this change. We are currently in market with an in-depth airport media educational programme and we look forward to providing our advertisers with flexible, creative solutions to create the most engaging campaigns possible,” Clemas continued.

Commencing next month, APN Outdoor will launch a groundbreaking study into airport audiences that will change outdated attitudes and provide clients with an array of new advertising opportunities.

Auckland Airport in numbers:
·         APN Outdoor completed a 12 month, multi-million dollar redevelopment programme in 2014.
·         Average dwell time in the International Terminal is 1 hour and 26 minutes.
·         74 % of all international arrivals to New Zealand enter via Auckland Airport.
·         Combining Auckland and Christchurch airports, advertisers can reach 89% of all international travellers in New Zealand.

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