APN Outdoor’s Digital Billboard network is now live!



AUCKLAND: Pioneering Outdoor media operator, APN Outdoor, today announces the establishment of New Zealand’s first Digital Billboard network. The news comes after two years of planning, development and technological research into perfecting the world’s first network of this magnitude and sophistication and integrates the country’s first digital billboard launched in Queen St last year.

Networked together and linked to a digital hub, the screens feature the highest resolution for Outdoor in the world and will deliver a combined daily audience in excess of 200,000 people. Although an unforeseen engineering issue has slightly delayed the commissioning of the Newmarket site, the other new builds (joining the City Centre site in the prime locations of, Newton, Eden Terrace and Grafton) mark an exceptional achievement for Digital Outdoor in New Zealand.

Phil Clemas, General Manager of APN Outdoor NZ commented “This is a game-changing moment for Outdoor Media and advertising in general for New Zealand. Digital Outdoor is leading a global renaissance in creativity with extensive interest in this channel, particularly in the New Zealand market. We see the key to success as educating marketers and advertisers about the extensive opportunities and attributes Digital Outdoor has to offer”.

Leading-edge technology available across the network allows advertisers to undertake innovative and tailored approaches to their campaigns, including localised messaging, interactivity with social and mobile technology, day-parting, countdowns, multiple creative executions and responsiveness to current affairs, weather and other topical information. The opportunities now available provide an extensive level of flexibility, creativity and immediacy, not often associated with Outdoor, and encourage advertisers to think differently about their strategy behind billboard advertising.

Founding advertisers across the network include Symantec, BMW, Samsung, TVNZ, 2degress and The Green Party. The network will run on an advertising loop of eight second adverts, with up to six spots per rotation. Dale Cummings, Head of Trading at Auckland’s Ikon Communications, who was instrumental in 2degrees’ involvement, commented. “2degrees are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach their target audiences. Partnering with APN Outdoor’s digital network was a natural fit for us, allowing us to maximize value through the dynamic nature of the network in particular through the ability to change out multiple messages in real time.  The digital network will allow 2degrees to target consumers with contextual messaging which will drive relevancy with our target audience”.

Drew Desantis, General Manager of Dynamo, BMW New Zealand’s media agency also commented. “We are pleased to be a part of the launch of APN Outdoor’s new digital billboard network. The addition of digital capability to an already established static billboard network is a powerful one.  Not only do the screens look fantastic, but they immediately allow for an increase in accountability and efficiencies in production.  Longer term we are excited to see the how this digital evolution can lead to more dynamic engagement opportunities which will benefit both consumers and clients.”

Coinciding with the network’s launch is the development and inception of APN Outdoor’s Digital Billboard portal called Pulse, a microsite dedicated to showcasing its burgeoning digital inventory along with inspirational Digital Outdoor case studies from around the globe. Go to http://apnoutdoor.co.nz and click Pulse on the homepage.

The launch of APN Outdoor’s Digital Billboards network marks phase two of their Digital Billboard journey in New Zealand, phase one being launch of the Queen St site in July 2013. The next phase commencing in November will see a significant transformation of Auckland Airport’s advertising assets and next year, APN Outdoor will launch additional screens in key markets outside Auckland in a move to maintain ascendancy and leadership in this space.