Media Release 12/5/14

SYDNEY: Leading Outdoor media provider, APN Outdoor, today announces that it is set to undertake the largest research study of its kind ever carried out within the Outdoor industry in Australia and New Zealand. The research piece, known as the Attention Economy Study, will uncover how audiences in nine major metropolitan Trans-Tasman markets move, think, feel and respond to Outdoor advertising.

With a sample size of more than 6,600, APN Outdoor have partnered with Millward Brown, one of the world’s most respected brand, media and communications research consultancies, to carry out the study across both Australia and New Zealand. It was important to APN Outdoor that they worked with an international company, one with a genuine understanding of the changing landscape of Outdoor media globally, in order to represent the best interests of the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Incorporating both qualitative and quantitative research methods, the study goes beyond audience engagement with just Outdoor and also considers consumption of other media. Further key components will be the examination of audience relationships with their smartphones and the related synergies between usage, behaviour and Outdoor advertising. It will also delve into key advertising categories, providing detailed insights on each.

Mark Fairhurst, General Manager – Sales, APN Outdoor commented, “In order to arm our clients with as much consumer behaviour information as possible, we’ve chosen to deliver an audience centric research piece. This study is heavily focused on audience interaction, not just with Outdoor but with all media. During setup, Millward Brown invited input from industry contacts in market, as well as the APN Outdoor Australia and New Zealand teams, to ensure the findings would be highly relevant to the market’s needs.

“Understanding that the market is hungry for hard data to validate each dollar of their media spend, we are confident that insights which come from our Attention Economy Study will provide a solid case for Outdoor. We have high expectations of our findings and trust they will make a compelling story for Outdoor audiences – we look forward to sharing them with the market in coming months.”

Mark Henning, Head of Media & Digital, Millward Brown also commented, “APN Outdoor is investing in the advancement of the Outdoor advertising industry with this research initiative. It is great to be partnering with a company prepared to take an industry leadership role to enhance advertisers’ understanding of the role of Outdoor within both the broader media mix as well as consumers’ daily lives.”

APN Outdoor’s Attention Economy Study is set to go into field next week, with results to be showcased in nation-wide road shows across Australia and New Zealand mid-year. Results will also be available by contacting an APN Outdoor representative.

A range of Attention Economy Study outputs will also be delivered to market regularly throughout the year.