Winner of the two tickets to Friends in High Places

AUCKLAND: Leading Outdoor company, APN Outdoor, has given away two tickets to its invitation-only Friends in High Places Summer Party (FIHP), in anticipation of their 2014 annual event.

The prize, awarded at the ‘Blow Out’ Wellington media event held in October, is a FIHP pack with two return tickets to Auckland, accommodation and two tickets to the FIHP event.

FIHP is APN Outdoor’s response to a shift in thinking and introduces a new social networking program for clients and business partners. It also adds a new point of difference for the business, which operates in a very cluttered and competitive environment.

Its main purpose is to deliver a unique social brand experience that sits comfortably alongside the existing traditional sales and operational brand of APN Outdoor.

This unique brand experience is under-pinned by activities that are unmistakably connected to enhancing relationships, opening the door to creative thinking and discussing ideas.

Winner of the FIHP ticket pack, Ogilvy Business Director – Media, Denelle Joyce, said “I’ve been with Ogilvy almost a year working with a fantastic committed team here doing brilliant work with some wonderful clients! I’m really, really looking forward to coming up for the Friends in High Places Summer Party on March 6th next year – as those who know me well know I have a busy wee job and a gazillion kids (well it feels like it some days) so I don’t get out much! This will be a fantastic reprieve from life as a working mum! Can’t wait!”

The venue and two major acts have been confirmed. More details regarding the fixture and line-up for the FIHP summer event will be announced in the early New Year.