iSite Media Launch Highly Targetted Outdoors

On Thursday 15th of August outdoor advertising company iSite Media announced a new suite of products that will deliver highly targeted outdoor media solutions. A launch event held at The Cloud, Queens Wharf in front of several hundred key agency and media clients provided insight into the scope of the new services.

iSite has worked alongside third party geo-spatial experts and data analysts to analyze hundreds of thousands of road journeys, map over 22,000 bus routes and building a proprietary business location database.  This analysis has been cross referenced with census and purchasing data to create a highly targeted approach to the use of outdoor advertising in NZ.

“Bus advertising is uniquely flexible so is perfectly positioned to deliver these targeted campaigns.  There is a demand from our customers to improve the measurability of bus advertising so we have delivered an independently audited bus visual system that works with road user journey data to deliver an audience opportunity to see (OTS). We’ve framed this as a daily count to dovetail with the existing currency of billboard visuals.  iSite media is committed not just to delivering the best Outdoor Advertising products, but also to improving the science behind the art of delivering an effective campaign” Said CEO, Wayne Chapman.

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