APN Outdoor’s Headline Series kicks off with Generation Y

SYDNEY: Leading Outdoor media company, APN Outdoor, launches the Headline Series this week, an industry initiative that provides insight into the behaviours and habits of Outdoor audience segments and explores how Outdoor impacts them.

The first edition in the Headline Series focuses on the hard-to-target ‘Generation Y’ sector. Amongst the multitude of research undertaken, the results have uncovered some powerful statistics: 94 per cent of 18-29 year olds in Australia see Outdoor advertising within a 28 day cycle, more than half spend an hour per day travelling and 41 per cent catch a train each week.

Richard Herring, APN Outdoor’s CEO, explains the ethos behind the series; “We’ve created the Headline Series to give our clients better understanding into the research we constantly undertake to prove the effectiveness of our medium. The Gen Y presentation isn’t just about being informative; it’s about providing valuable insight into this target audience so our clients can use the information practically to increase the performance of their Outdoor campaigns”.

The Headline Series – ‘Generation Y’ edition will be presented to agencies throughout the coming month.