Onward and upward for OOH: 2012 revenue results

The Outdoor Media Association of NZ (OMANZ) today announced total outdoor industry revenue of $67m, with the ASA New Zealand advertising industry turnover figures for 2012 released.1

Jo Davenport, the Marketing & Communications Manager for OMANZ said:

“While the results are disappointing for the outdoor industry, they’re not surprising, considering the exceptional growth achieved during 2011.  Out-of-Home achieved more than its fair share of RWC dedicated advertising revenue during 2011 and as a result was one of only two sectors to gain share.  So it was to be expected that spend would be retrenched during 2012 in light of the RWC hangover.”

“However the last half of 2012 saw OMANZ reported outdoor revenue bounce back 18.6% over the first 6 months of the year.  And we’ve seen positive growth continue into 2013, so we’re confident in the future for OOH.”

“At the end of the day advertisers want to ensure their advertising spend gets results and this will become increasingly relevant as media habits of consumers continue to fragment.  Research supports that OOH motivates consumer action and links strongly with both traditional media and newer social & mobile activity.  So by adding OOH to the media schedule, marketers can improve the effectiveness and impact of their campaigns.”

With focused activity by both OMANZ and the member media operators in the pipeline a positive year is expected for the OOH sector during 2013.

ASA Advertising Industry Turnover Figures 2012