Adshel re-ignites brand after 15 years

Adshel New Zealand have unveiled their new brand look and feel, the result of a strategic repositioning process designed to better represent the company’s products and people.

Eye-catching changes to its logo, website and marketing collateral are the most notable transformations, but customers will also see a change to their products that promises to make enhancing a campaign with out-of-home that much easier.

Adshel Marketing Director, Nicole McInnes said “Rebrands can often be seen as just superficial so it was important to capture our true internal culture and real external attributes and then translate them into something meaningful for people both inside and out of the organisation.”

The move follows significant changes in the company over the last few years, as well as research that revealed a disconnect between the internal company culture, its record growth and share and the external perception of the brand.

The new look, designed by agency THERE, features a dynamic, fun and colourful identity representing the fast-moving media market place and the powerful potential of the company’s network.

“As part of the brand strategy process, we interviewed our clients and colleagues and what became very clear was that we had to create a brand that not only conveyed the experience of working with Adshel, but also the creative possibilities our media and advertising partners afford us as we bring their campaigns to life,” said Nicole.

Adshel’s New Zealand General Manager Nick Vile added, “Key to the success of the brand revitalization was ensuring it worked to bring the company’s culture out.”

“Adshel has been committed to building a collaborative, authentic and high-performing work environment for many years now. It is something we invest heavily in and the brand refresh is not only representative of this, but is also a catalyst to continue to foster our environment.” Nick said.

Adshel’s advertising and collateral will all carry the new look and feel of the brand.