TV2 engages shoppers with ‘Lie Detectors’ & Giant story books

The truthfulness of shoppers is being put to the test, with lie detectors placed in two of New Zealand’s major shopping centres during February.

The specially built lie detectors utilise EYE’s retail advertising panels as part of an overall retail campaign to promote TV2’s return of Revenge, the hit series full of secrets, lies, and rumours.

During February, shoppers at Northlands and Botany Town Centre can interact with the Lie Detectors by placing their hands on the retail panel’s touch screen which activates three Revenge inspired questions such as: “Are you secretly plotting someone’s downfall?, Have you ever spied on a loved one? and Have you ever hurt someone intentionally?”.

While the shopper verbally answers the questions, screen effects give the impression the lie detector is monitoring their heart rate and once finished they receive a PASS/FAIL print out.

Unmissable giant story books have also featured at Sylvia Park and North City shopping centres built over the top of the retail panels, to make shoppers aware of TVNZs upcoming series ‘Once Upon a Time’.

Shoppers were able to open and close the front cover and also read more about the past and upcoming series.

Cameron Taylor, General Manager EYE New Zealand, said the campaigns were a unique way for TV2 to achieve cut through with shoppers by providing interactivity that engages them at a deeper level.

“These special build lie detectors and giant story books are impossible to miss in shopping centres and will further extend TV2’s retail poster, TV and digital campaigns to connect with people while they’re on the go in the retail environment,” Mr Taylor said.

“We are seeing a fundamental shift in the role of OOH in the communications mix from being predominantly about building brand presence, to building brand presence whilst also engaging and connecting with consumers via a shared experience or interaction.

“Clients are looking for clever and engaging ways to connect and communicate more product information and promote special offers to consumer’s one on one.

“We hope to see further creativity that captures consumer’s attentions and also encourages them to interact with ads while they’re away from home.”

TVNZ’s Revenge Lie Detectors and giant story book  campaigns will run for two weeks in the highest reaching shopping centres across Auckland and Christchurch.

Campaign: TV2’s Revenge Lie Detectors

Client: TV2

Media Agency: Starcom

Creative: Contagion

For more information:

Cameron Taylor, EYE,  09 307 9160

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