Call for entries: AXIS 2013

CAANZ has announced its call for entries for the 33rd annual Axis Awards with entries to be in by 4:00pm Monday March 18, 2013.  The call for entries is for work that appeared for the first time between Feb 1st 2012 – Feb 2nd 2013.

The AXIS 2013 Out-of-Home categories are as follows:

BILLBOARD ADVERTISING: Single or campaign. Billboard

OUT–OF–HOME POSTERS:  Including, street furniture, path-to-purchase, retail & street posters. If possible,  to be seen in context. Single or campaign can be entered.

TRANSIT ADVERTISING: Single or campaign. Incorporating bus, rail, airport.

OUT–OF–HOME SPECIAL BUILD: Includes campaign or single.

OUT–OF–HOME CAMPAIGN: Incorporating a minimum of two or more formats.

More information and to enter the 2013 AXIS Awards.