APN Outdoor – The Special Build

APN Outdoor saw an increase in the number of special builds installed across their assets in October. Special builds are high impact outdoor tailored to fit/support a brand or message. When traditional outdoor won’t bring an idea to life, a correctly executed build using unconventional methods really can deliver.


This month saw the installation of a Beck’s skin in Kingsland with blank labelled bottles. Artist John Reynold’s then spent two days transforming the labels in line with the new Song Drawings collaboration campaign which also included variety of window installations across Auckland. It demonstrates how even static skins can be an interactive experience.




The versatile nature of billboard advertising was also exhibited by the Holden special builds on APN Outdoor’s assets in October. A giant wound up electrical cord fabricated by Three Sixty Ltd drew the eye and emphasised the tagline “Goes further than you think”.



Another interactive special build in October was for the Guinness Pint Master competition. Skins were installed around the country on premium 6×3 billboards and live results are still being changed out each week as pubs around the country sell more and more Pints.

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