Step outside with Out-of-Home

This month OMANZ’s new out-of-home advertising campaign was launched.

We wanted to talk to media & creative agencies as well as advertisers about out-of-home advertising, and what better way to do that than via outdoor media such as billboards, buses and street furniture positioned around key travel routes and specific locations.

The thought driving the activity for 2012 is ‘Step Outside’,  because that is where people live their lives – whether it’s to head to work, go shopping or go out to meet friends at the pub.

When advertisers and agencies add OOH to their campaign and team it with other media such as radio, TV, internet or print, OOH can help make their campaign work harder – and that’s what we wanted to reinforce in the first phase of the campaign.

With strong creative, the use of out-of-home media is an impactful way of advertising, and based on the feedback we’ve had to date, the campaign is definitely getting noticed.