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A copy of the rules for calculating the new Daily Traffic Visuals can be downloaded here along with a reference sheet for each OMANZ member billboard operator showing the Daily Traffic Visuals (DTV) for each site.

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DTV APN Outdoor Published 1st August 2014

DTV iSite Published 18th August 2014

DTV Media5 Published 1st August 2014

The Customer Journey – OOH has a strong influence on consumers

Recent research conducted for the Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) in the UK has revealed that outdoor advertising has a strong influence on consumers, nudging them along towards the purchase at every phase of the Customer Journey.

The Customer Journey research found a role for non-media encounters such as word of mouth and hands on use of the product. But advertising media was found to be a more effective stimulus to purchase, with a higher share of effective encounters than non-media.

The research found that encounters with outdoor advertising led to a high degree of positive feelings, and also actions. The study confirmed that Outdoor’s key audiences are young, affluent, urban, connected and mobile. These are the groups who are both most heavily exposed to outdoor ads and most likely to respond to them.

Results also showed that outdoor-exposed audiences are strongly correlated with social media use, and are more active than the population at on social media at every stage of their journey. A higher level of outdoor ad exposure led to a higher propensity to search online and buy products as a direct result of Outdoor advertising. Outdoor is also the medium most highly associated with mobile internet search.

Key research highlights show that:
  • OOH ads influence young, affluent, urban, mobile to purchase.
  • OOH links strongly to social media and mobile search.
  • OOH is strongly involved at every stage of the Customer Journey.
  • Of all effective encounters, ad media deliver more than non-media.

To see the research in more detail, please click here.

OOH – the last chance to influence purchase

The Outdoor Media Centre in the UK recently released research providing insight on what media shoppers experience in the 30 minute build up to a shopping experience.

Key research highlights show that:
  • outdoor is the key medium to reach shoppers in the 30 minutes prior to purchase.
  • 40% of shoppers see outdoor in the last window of influence.  The next highest is radio at 8%.
  • outdoor dominates advertising exposure in the last 30 minutes, reaching 88% of those exposed to any advertisement.
  • awareness of outdoor advertising during this pre-purchase period increases the likelihood to find out more about the product and to buy a product.
  • only 13% of adults are not susceptible to last minute influence, and only 8% of women and 9% of 16-44s.
  • only 13% stick to a pre-determined shopping list.

The potential influence of OOH was high across various retailers including chemists, convenience stores, mobile/telecommunications, clothing, fast food, grocery and financial institutions.

To see these findings in more detail, please click here

OOH delivers a high return on investment

BrandScience, an international marketing and business consultancy has conducted a new analysis of 600 case studies from countries including the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Australia. This new research builds on results of a quantitative analysis of 400 UK case studies reinforcing the power of out-of-home advertising in delivering a high return on investment.

The recent analysis was commissioned by the Outdoor Media Association of Australia (OMA) to examine how OOH works with other media channels in the marketing mix and specifically what the ROI is relative to other media.

The BrandScience analysis included case studies across multiple categories including consumer packaged goods, retail, travel and finance. The results provide unique global insight into how various media drive sales independently, in synergy with other media and tracked each medium’s effectiveness over time.

Key research highlights show that out-of-home advertising;
  • delivers a high ROI
  • is an effective and efficient media channel in its own right
  • multiplies and expands the ROI of other media channels
  • reaches as many people as TV at a fraction of the cost
  • increases the memory of a TVC or an online campaign by 30%
  • improves a campaign’s diminishing returns.

For an executive summary of the findings, please click here

Out-of-Home advertising connects and engages consumers

The Outdoor Marketing Association of Canada recently commissioned a comprehensive study of out-of-home advertising campaigns across five product categories (wireless services, telecommunications, packaged food, QSR and casual apparel) to analyze the relationship between advertising spend levels and recall performance, as well as the influence OOH has on key brand metrics.

The study revealed a consistent relationship between OOH advertising and engagement measures, very similar to the results of other studies that have been conducted. The results held across a variety of campaigns and spend levels, and provided reinforcement of the power and influence of OOH advertising.

Key research highlights show that out-of-home advertising:
  • is a cost effective vehicle in reaching active consumers in a crowded media marketplace
  • outperforms TV in an analysis of recall levels vs advertising spend
  • connects and engages on key metrics such as purchase intent, information seeking and product recommendation.

On 82% of campaign measures those who recalled seeing the OOH advertisements rated the product/brand advertised significantly higher than those who did not. In comparison, of those who recalled TV ads, ratings were significant on 67% of the same measures.

For an executive summary of the findings, please click here

Understanding engagement with Outdoor Advertising

This is a report compiled by Nielsen, which provides an overview of how New Zealanders engage with outdoor advertising as they go about their daily lives. It is designed to be a snapshot providing insights useful for analysis in the development of marketing, communications and media plans, including profiling the daily viewers of outdoor advertising.

To see this report in detail, please click here

Billboards do not create driver distraction

This study was conducted by the Centre for Crash Causation and Human Factors (US) to determine whether there is any change in driving behaviour in the presence or absence of billboards.

The overall conclusion from the study was that the presence of billboards does not cause a change in driver behaviour in terms of visual behaviour, speed maintenance or lane keeping. A rigorous examination of individual billboards that could be considered to be the most visually attention getting demonstrated no relationship between glance location and billboard location. Driving performance measures in the presence of these specific billboards generally showed less speed variation and lane deviation. Therefore, even in the presence of the most visually attention-getting billboards, neither visual behaviour or driving performance changed.

For an executive summary of the findings, please click here

Case studies

Increasing frequency of visits with out-of-home advertising

Increasing brand consideration with out-of-home advertising

Increasing brand visibility with out-of-home advertising

Maximising awareness near point of purchase with out-of-home advertising

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