The benefits of using
outdoor advertising

Reaching consumers on the go

Why utilise out-of-home for an advertising campaign? The answer’s simple: active consumers.

In short, out-of-home advertising reaches people on the go. People are often spending less time at home, and as a result are less exposed to the traditional media of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. By using outdoor media, advertisers can:


Out-of-home advertising is ideal for generating instant awareness and elevating the perception and credibility of a brand. This medium’s strong carry-over effects ensure that brand awareness levels strengthen over time.


Through its sheer size, out-of-home advertising demands attention and creates cut through and impact. As a stand-alone format it doesn’t compete with a plethora of other advertisements, unlike other advertising channels.


As other media become more fragmented, advertisers are increasingly turning to outdoor media where they can target a broad demographic.


Environment and lifestyle can play a larger role when targeting a niche audience. The location, type and frequency of your out-of-home advertising enables you to pinpoint a specific demographic, and out-of-home advertising is the perfect medium to achieve this.


Bus advertising offers a highly targeted way to reach the elusive Gen Y audience. Proximity mapping also allows advertisers to target specific audiences within range of certain stores such as supermarkets, liquor outlets, tertiary institutes and cinemas.


Outdoor media provides a continuous presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reaches audiences that other media may find hard to tap into. As a result, an effective outdoor campaign can achieve sustained levels of awareness over other advertising channels.

In fact, recent research commissioned by the Outdoor Media Association in Australia has highlighted that out-of-home has the second highest campaign retention.1 To find out more about the effectiveness of out-of-home click here.


At the end of an outdoor campaign, 36% of people could recall the ad. Six weeks later, awareness remained high at 35%. By comparison, TV advertising showed a significant decay in awareness 2 weeks after the end of the campaign.2

1. OMA Australia commissioned BrandScience Research; Outsmart – why out-of-home is a clever investment, 2010.  2. A study by Mediacom and the University of Alberta found that outdoor advertising’s ability to sustain awareness over a period time is greater than that of television.


When used in an integrated campaign, out-of-home improves your return on investment when combined with other media, effectively maintains awareness when other activity tapers off, reinforces brand messages closer to point-of-purchase and cost-effectively reaches consumers between bursts of other media activity.1

To find out more about the effectiveness of out-of-home click here.


TV audiences fluctuate, with one third of people being light TV viewers. Outdoor advertising has a high propensity to reach light TV viewers. Combining TV and outdoor can deliver a greater campaign net reach and awareness than using TV alone.

1.  OMA Australia commissioned BrandScience Research; Outsmart – Why Out-Of-Home Is A Clever Investment, 2010.


High frequency is a fundamental strength of outdoor advertising. Repeated exposure ensures that a brand and message are remembered.


Outdoor advertising interacts with consumers on their path to purchase, driving sales.


The high frequency and proximity to point of sale has been proven to generate product trial and purchase. Increasingly, outdoor is being used as a direct response medium through innovations in digital technology such as Bluetooth and LED screens.

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